Carol Leeming is primarily a storyteller, weaving together music, theatre, dance, poetry or digital images still or moving, she creates a liminal space, for interesting things to happen.  Carol write plays, and both short and long form poetry. Her choreopoems are short stories in non-rhyming verse.

“I like the depth, compression and freedom for the imagination that choreopoetry provides. I seek to be transliterate as an artist and make connections, combine, juxtapose, contrast and interlink different forms and ideas. I always construct strong narratives, whether with clothes or makeup, creating a mis en scene, using culturally diverse characters in ordinary settings or in magic realist narratives

I seek excellence and beauty in the connection between text, poetry, music, physical theatre, performance, and digital images. I may see beauty where others may not, or make connections between things that may seem disparate. I seek to give voice to the culturally diverse voiceless in our society”